Welcome to ImmoConcept.

ImmoConcept is a real estate consulting firm whose actions are guided by a holistic concept. We analyse our clients' overall situation and prepare custom-made offers of real estate and services based on individualised profiles. Our services for owners cover everything from the as-built analysis to optimisation and renting/sale.

We provide interdisciplinary, consolidated guidance to investors for the acquisition of a tax efficient and profit optimised investment. We support tenants in the scope of protecting their interests.

Furthermore, we offer our clients impartial advising and assistance in all matters relating to real estate. We see ourselves as the long arm of owners, tenants and buyers. It is our aim to always find the most professional solution for you to generate a sustainable added value.

ImmoConcept combines the experience since 1989 in conjunction with expert know-how as well as profound market and industry knowledge for the benefit of our customers. A great amount of dedication and lean organisational structures guarantee personalised advice for you until the successful project conclusion.

We help you. Guaranteed.

Bernd Lorenz